Buying or selling equipment privately but can’t get finance approval? We can help!

Our dealer assisted private sales means you’re more likely to get finance approved the first time. When you run your private sale through our Western Traders dealership, we will complete all the necessary checks and legitimise the equipment enabling your finance to get the tick of approval. With over 20 years in the industry as a reputable dealer, we have a trusted relationship with the big banks. If you need help getting over the final hurdles of your purchase, Western Traders Dealer Assist will get you there.

How it works:

1. Private sale organised between both parties

2. Finance not approved as lender won't lend to buyers purchasing from Private sellers.

3. Buyer or seller contacts Western Traders. Western Traders make contact with the finance company.

4. Western Traders staff physically inspect, photograph and appraise the asset and obtain details for finance.

5. Western Traders conduct relevant legal checks, obtains financial encumbrance status, stolen or written off status and verifies legitimacy of the equipment for the finance company.

6. Finance and buyer company is sent relevant sales contracts of sale and invoiced as per standard dealership sale the same day.

7. Western Traders receives funds by way of Trust account and dispurses fund to any encumbrances owing on the asset. Western Traders then pays vendor direct.

8. Clear title is guaranteed to buyer and buyers financial institution as per Dealer licence requirements. Keeping it simple is what we do.

Run your private sale through our dealership!

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Many financial institutions have had negative experiences with private selling finance deals. By having a licenced 3rd party Dealership or Auction house sell the asset, the finance companies can have the assurance that the loan will be a safe investment.

Without a trusted licensed third party, it is hard for the finance company to know that the asset is not listed on the written off register, guaranteed clear title, stolen or even exists at all.

A trusted licensed third party takes the risk out of the transaction for the finance companies in that they are providing the guarantee in relation to the asset.

That's where we can come involved to assist!

Yes we can! If you can’t get the equipment you are buying or selling to our workshop we can travel to it. Any travel done by a Western Traders Dealer must be paid for before the travel dates.

If the equipment you are purchasing is encumbered it means another party still has money owing to a loan on that item. We run checks to ensure there is no encumbrances on the equipment you are purchasing.