About Us

Western Traders 87


New & Used Trucks & Machinery - Dealers and Online Auctioneers

We are a family owned and operated dealership based in Forest Hill, around 40 minutes from Toowoomba. 

Western Traders 87 has been dealing in the following equipment since they opened in 2000; 

  • Semi trailers
  • Low loaders
  • Stock crates
  • Tagalong trailers
  • Plant trailers
  • Trucks/prime movers 
  • Heavy transportation equipment 

Western Traders 87 specialises in the selling of consignment stock, general dealing and trade and on occasion the rent of heavy transportation equipment. 

Western Traders 87 primarily deal with second hand goods however also sell new stock when it is available.

Western Traders 87 is a licenced second hand and motor dealership for the heavy vehicle industry.